Sponsorship Opportunities


We are excited to partner with you for the 2019 National Urban League Conference in Indianapolis, IN, July 24-27. In collaboration with our 90 Urban League affiliates, board members, volunteers and others who share our mission, along with your support, we will have another successful conference that focuses on the pressing issues impacting people of color and underserved communities.

The conference will highlight our work as we invite a number of influencers, thought leaders and emerging leaders to confront the pressing issues of social and economic inequality. The Annual Conference is one of the key opportunities we have to demonstrate the advocacy, policies and programs in which we are engaged to help to create economic and social opportunities to end injustice and inequality.

Your continued partnership is vital to shaping the future of the communities that we serve. For your consideration and review, we have attached our marketing report and sponsorship book. We invite you to show your support and commitment to improving the lives of African Americans and other underserved citizens. We look forward to your partnership in 2019!

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